Sunnyside Redevelopment Authority

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about us

Who We Are

The Sunnyside Redevelopment Authority (SRA) exists to facilitate positive development of the area within the Tax Increment Zone #26 (TIRZ #26) boundaries.

Tax increment dollars collected within the boundaries of the Zone are reinvested back into the Zone through the Board of Directors. The SRA pursues to construct the necessary public infrastructure that will lead to private capital investment in the area that respects the character and culture of Sunnyside, offers a corresponding increase in the tax base, and creates economic opportunity.

It accomplishes this by providing financial incentives through public/ private sector partnerships designed to drive economic development in the Historical Sunnyside Community.

Goal #1

Improve and enhance corridors, mobility and connectivity throughout the Zone.

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goal #2

Enhance public infrastructure, facilities and services throughout the Zone.

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Goal #3

Promote economic opportunity and private investment and reinvestment in the Zone.

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goal #4

Develop and enhance green spaces, gathering places, trails, recreational or public facilities, and cultural amenities.

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goal #5

Promote and support community heritage, culture, character, and affordability for current residents.

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Zone Location

TIRZ 26 encompasses part of the Sunnyside area. It is bounded by Loop 610 on the north, State Highway 288 on the west, several groups of parcels adjacent to Cullen Boulevard on the east, and the Sam Houston Parkway East on the south.

The zone includes the Sunnyside community, a portion of the South Park community, and is represented by Super Neighborhoods 71, 76, and 77.

For further understanding of the area contained within the TIRZ, refer to our Zone Map for the exact boundary configuration.

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Sunnyside Redevelopment Authority Budgets

The purpose of the tax increment reinvestment zone (the "Zone") is to finance the construction of public infrastructure necessary to facilitate residential and commercial development and redevelopment within the Zone boundaries.